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Around and around and around we go, where we stop…  The truth is we don’t know where we will stop and it’s starting to feel very much like we may keep going around until we give up or die.  Such is no way to live, to be led, or to lead.  Such is, in short, not human nor humane.  It’s certainly not Australian – or it shouldn’t be allowed to find form in this nation.

As we tick towards seven years in exile, within the only home we know as a family, we can only wonder at how immigration policy of Australia has been let to find a kind of resolve so filled with segregation last known under the White Australia Policy, as the Department of Home Affairs now attends a bureaucracy that would give Franz Kafka pause and anxiety.

Today marks 641 days.  641 days on a 011-Bridging-visa-(BVA) while that ultimately will see them, at considerble time, misery, money and effort the same useless 461-visa that marked their first five years of segregation and exclusion in Australia.  The irony of 641 days against the 461-visa an irony of unintended juxtaposition of three digits not lost on me but where such numbers mean little to so many there is little belief the public will be outraged at our treatment.  I aim that, just as I aim to change the outcome of such exclusion that criminals are treated better.  Our children have known no other but Australia from ages 1 and 2 respectively.  When I die they will be cast out.  It is a national disgrace.

641 days my wife and children have been subjected to the vagaries of a bridging-visa that brands them even less liberties than the 461-visa they previously held, that “expired” after five years and which affected the 641 days (and counting) that is this bridging-visa that bridges to another 461-visa that enshrines their heartbreak, segregation and no future.  In an Australian immigration program that now attends over 100 highly nuanced and ever changing visas the average punters capacity to even grasp the generalities, let alone the details of such visas a clear dividend to government who can signal and otherwise remove most commentary from the public square. Yes, a sad fact in our particular visa hell is that my wife and children’s 641 day bridging-visa (still unfolding) will only lead to another 461-visa that gives them no inclusion, no equity, no hope and will fail to even be available after I die, or when they become adults, whichever comes first.  Disgusted yet?

We don’t attend to visa manipulation or apply for things to extend our time in country – we are home – by every genuine, declared and honest use of the word; even as government seeks to brand us as “visitors” in service to some benefit to treasury that is quite literally a betrayal of our humanity.  The abuse of the immigration system, from all sides (but not all persons), has created an outcome of suspicion, abuse, rorting and confusion amongst shareholders and stakeholders as it has spawned confusion and indifference from the public, writ large.  That such a state of play grants this small house little hope of finding any certainty is as clear as mud and as distant as the moon – only we have no other home to go home to and so we continue to fall amidst a visa system that serves a broader immigration system that is simply terminal in its velocity.

Where there are simply so many visas, so much immigration legislation and policy attending all this, its no wonder so few of the public can comment; And its not so much a wonder but a miracle (to borrow words from the PM) that I have not yet lost my mind.

We are like so many normal families that permanently live in Australia and make Australia home – we don’t even make home in any other nation (not overtly and not covertly) yet we are branded visitors, forever, under policy quietly kicked off by John Howard in February 2001; my wife and children made worse than backpackers from the RHCA countries and have no right to even a Medicare card (as a NZ citizen I, alone in our house, at least have a Medicare card).  This in the nation of our greater Australian family and centuries of ancestors.  This is the Australia where my wife works like a dog and pays her taxes but get’s nothing back except the burden of paying all her earnings into the Australian economy in services to a government who doesn’t give a damn about her life and grant her no such “fair-go for those who have a go” even as she is going like hell, but cast aside by a government who are actually destroying her once bright spirit.

The bridging-visa that services that tool of segregation (let us call it what it is, hyperbolic as such statement will be painted the truth is no less verifiable) has been endured for 641 days.  Where one is not quiet they are a trouble to this Government.  Where one won’t roll over they are castigated, ignored, and otherwise dismissed by this Government.  We did not pick this fight but to be quiet will mark what may come to pass anyways: our quite literal demise.  And so it has come to pass that at day 613 (yes, 28 days ago) of this latest disgraceful classification of my wife and children as “visitors” upon the vagaries and vulgarity of this bridging-visa it came to pass that Home Affairs made a request, except it wasn’t a request and as I read through the total of sixteen pages (yes, 16) that Home Affairs sent to us.

I have to read every word of every page, as I have had to read every word of relevant legislation that fills a quite literal wall in our house – which may put me in a room that could be filled by a handful of people in Australia – it does not make me feel better or proud – it makes me tired – and I need to work and care for a vulnerable and disabled son and his increasingly vulnerable otherwise healthy sister who mental health is now quite clearly flagging under all this nonsense we endure; as I look across at a wife with whom our love is still strong but our spirits now quite broken.

I don’t need to be across more detail than the immigration lawyers and migration agents I’ve met – because of the broken, bloated, and compromised immigration system the migration agents now numbering more registrants than the entirety of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, like their allied lawyers in the immigration trade, shall not be out of work anytime soon.  I need, we need, this country even needs this broken, fouled, disingenuous immigration system to change.  It won’t and I fear it will get much worse as government cynically now looks to privatise the entire visa sector to the private sector – possibly offshore.  I have to save my family then maybe as a citizen I can save others too.  I would bring a great deal of insight and experience to Government – which is not something I can say about a lot of the career politicians who flick at our fate like a bored diner flicks away crumbs.

As I read the 16 pages from Home Affairs delivered that Friday 18 September 2019 I found a glaring omission, error, anomaly where my wife and son had ‘requirements’ to execute, among them medical examinations; an obscene invasion of their lives  and our wallets (I do not endure) and we must subject them to these medicals  and only at the private-public (government) partnership with Bupa Medical Visa Services that will cost us about $1,000 and quietly comports millions of dollars to treasury and private wallets in this “partnership”.

The bridging-visa is just a “nothing” that stretches between each successive five year “temporary-461-visa” that enshrine a life as we already miserably know it, even as the bridging visa affects more requests, money and mandates, is craven enough, but to find errors that were not clarified was just the latest long drop down a dark hole in this thing called a life we lead under this Government of Australia.

Where our daughter is a co-sub-applicant (she and her brother, my wife the primary applicant) we ‘know the drill’ – but no requests were made of our daughter, Maya.  The “request checklist” page for my wife had the odious medical requirement on it (among other things that will challenge our purse, sanity and days) as the same was found for our son, Dylan.  Upon Maya’s “request checklist” page on her name and “client” identification details but otherwise a blank page – nothing requested.  A clear and obvious error that I could not even workaround where the bored staffer at Bupa couldn’t and wouldn’t even help me schedule a medical for Maya without a “HAP ID” and those are only issued by Home Affairs.  Around and around we go… if we ever stop it will be much broker, much more broken and markedly changed.

641 days without resolution, even as its ultimate fruits will be rotted resurrection of another “temporary-461-visa” with a 5 year shelf life; a “next-generation” temporary legal band-aid that’s very much more like a noose that enshrines my wife and children’s division from my own ‘classification’ as an unprotected 444-visa holder.  My marginalisation bested only by their total abandonment and exclusion form even basic services that enshrine their own statutory segregation within the only nation we make home.

641 days also marks the end of a 28 day debacle that is added onto 613 days which forms their current bridging visa’s 641 days of life, that leads – eventually – to another 461-visa enshrining their “temporary perpetuity” and legislative exclusion from legally calling their only nation of genuine residence, home.  The greatest goal they currently find themselves ‘allowed’ is nothing but a repeat of their first five years 461-visa outcome; an circular misery that continues to cast them as alien visitors who are both temporary and legally segregated form any basic notion of equity in the only home they have.  Until the next “temporary-five-year-461-visa” ceases to be valid (a cute term where ‘expire’ implies continuity or permanence).

I am now quite certain people hear numbers and unless they have direct relevance to their lives, such numbers are as snowy static upon a screen or crackling across a speaker – meaningless and without definition.  Is the sum of 641 good or bad or just right? 641 days has no perspective to the average punter but I can assure you, it is an incredible span of time to be left in an even more restricted limbo that only leads towards enshrining a place of segregation; even as one is simply trying to confront the once “normal” challenges of life that are, to us, now like a high peak we must clear each day – work, school, family, meals, transport, bills, love and base survival.  Where that 641 days is tacked onto years already spent in the wilderness and represents but another length of rope towards which no surety of stable ground shall ever be known and one is not wrong to consider the treatment of this family as quite despicable.  That such treatment is attended by a nation of such genuine home, family, ancestry and where such nation is allegedly a liberal democracy the deprivations we are legally made to endure are a kind of obscenity better suited to the dark pages of history or tyrannies of nations most would deign had not escaped tyranny.  Welcome to 21st Century Australia where life, for some, is not just unequal or hard – but forever impossible and segregated.

My wife and children, one of them disabled and unspeakably vulnerable, must wait for the government, where it so chooses, to ‘restore’ their newest “five-year-temporary-461-visa” that they may live, study, work, pay taxes and otherwise affect normalcy of community and citizenship, except that they are of a segregated caste – forever – or at least until the Commonwealth deport them or otherwise make their capacity to exist in Australia impossible, when I die.  This after the children have been home, in their ancestral Australia occupied by centuries of descendants, from age 1 and 2, respectively.  Their current 641 day’s of misery, uncertainty, anxiety and marginalisation are just some of the realities places upon two little children and their mother who are, I can attest and assure you, quite real human lives – no matter how much policy analytics and computational dictates seek to diminish them to abstract or aggregate considerations.

On Friday 20 September 2019, after 613 days on bridging visas that not only enshrined the segregation of my wife and children but actually prohibited their leaving the country, in service to that noted  “new-temporary” 461-visa that enshrines their place in Australia as “temporary visitors” quite genuinely forever; we received a Request for more information for a New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) (subclass 461) visa application from Home Affairs, or, what in the Department’s nomenclature is called an (RFI).

This ‘request’ was, of course, not a request but a demand and we were given 28 days to comply with the following:  Medical examinations checklist that could not be evidenced by our local GP and mandated attendance for purpose of medical examination be done at specific Bupa Medical Visa Service Centres, at significant cost and travel to us. In addition my wife had to submit a police check and all three had to submit proof of private insurance.  It would all sound quite reasonable – if they were genuine visitors.  They are not. This is a rort and a perfectly legal rort being affected by government in a private partnership with Bupa – that pantheon of many things, few of them I’d openly state because they ring very much as vices and most decidedly not virtues, as comprehensive ABC investigations into the companies aged care profile shows for what drives the company and what human damage is done in quest of a “healthy” bottom line – often the only thing healthy about the omnipresent agent of health.

The Commonwealth is most certainly finding no protection from my wife and children, under their partnership with Bupa.  My wife and children are legally castigated as aliens but they are no such thing in any humane, genuine, reasonable or even rationale way and affect, without interruption or departure from Australia genuine human lives spent in work and attending school in the community like so many others – only the others have no idea of our misery nor the costings we endure amidst our already segregated access to the most basic benefits people would dismiss Government had they had to endure them. The Bupa Medical Visa Service, like applying for a “new-temporary” visa that does not expire but just “ceases to be valid” every five years, by which my wife and children are enshrined as “temporary visitors’ – forever – is a rort by which millions of dollars flow to treasury in a private-public partnership that care nothing about the human factor involved in their accounting analytics. The ongoing mental health distress is now quite clear. It’s confusing detail though, people are busy and besides – it doesn’t affect them.  And where it was not already bad enough for us – it gets worse.

The 20 September 2019 letter directed my wife and son to fulfil the medical: specifically each one of them had a page listing the required (requested) items they had to fulfil, inclusive, “Immigration Health Examinations”.  However, the page for our daughter, the co-sub-applicants “Request Checklist and Details” page only had her name, client ID, application ID and a page that was otherwise blank.  Our daughter is 8 and our son 9 and their is no reasonable or rational expectation of her being granted exemption or exception to these protocols, as odious and offensive and patently foul as I find them.

Despite this, I endeavoured to affect compliance and called Bupa Medical Services who informed me they could do nothing for me, with respect to our daughter, without what is called a HAP ID and only Home Affairs issued them.  I clearly had one for my wife and son – it was right there on their “HEALTH EXAMINATIONS LIST”. The problem was there was only a “Request Checklist” page for Maya that was otherwise blank and there was no “HEALTH EXAMINATIONS LIST” page for Maya at all.

On 30 September 2019, at day 10 of a 28 day calendar, by which we had to satisfy these requests, I called Home Affairs and in great detail explained the clear and present anomaly – I chose my words with great deference and did not call it a mistake, administrative oversight or other such descriptive that could be construed as assuming facts not in evidence.  I was told, after a phone call of significant duration, the agent confirming my concerns that where I ignored the anomaly and did not affect a medical for Maya we’d inevitably be tasked with repeating the trip to Brisbane, upending our family once again for travel and submitting to an invasive procedure we already resent.  I conveyed my feelings with more attended diplomacy on the call, but one get’s a picture.

After a phone call of over one hour, the agent (“David”)  liaising with a supervisor and getting approval to “escalate” the issue, while admitting no error the department would “flag the matter for urgent attention/action.”  I was gravely concerned about the fact we had waited 613 days and that the 28 days we were now given to comply with what are by any definition – orders – and flawed orders, at that; such could come to pass that we’d find my wife and children in breach of their immigration regimen where the issue had not been resolved before the 28 day deadline, fast approaching at Friday 18 October 2019.

Nothing happened.  I received no email, no letter by post, no call to clarify the issue.

On 10 October 2019 with now only 8 days to go until the deadline, I called Home Affairs again, this time speaking to “Deb”.  Yes, comprehensive notes of my 30 September call were on her system and my “Call Features” (nomenclature of Home Affairs regarding primary points at issue) had been noted; and included (1) The anomaly regarding our daughter’s total absence of requested medical, absented HAP ID, or for that matter, any request at all related to Maya; (2) Where no clarification had been made by Home Affairs, the need for an extension of the 28 day calendar window to execute request of the department [Home Affairs] was not just a reasonable request form us but entirely logical where our capacity to service what was a clear oversight or error at the department regarding our daughter’s need to comply in the same way as my wife and our son had been attended neither comment, instruction or clarification.  In short, we were undertaking ‘good character’ and pointing out the department’s apparent oversight – and because we surely did not wish to have the department attend “discovery” later and order our daughter to affect same, further stalling process already now well past 613 days to enshrine their ongoing existential misery in Australia; (3) Our clear and express concern we not be held accountable to producing the request by the 28 day window that closed Friday 18 June 2019 where neither correction or clarification had been provided by the department.  The department agent, “Deb” placed me on hold a number of times while she “investigated” and otherwise  liaised with a department head.  “Deb” assured me the matter had been, again, flagged for urgent escalation or otherwise been marked for urgent attention/action.

Nothing happened.  I received no email, no letter by post, no call to clarify the issue.

On Wednesday 16 October 2019, with now two days remaining on our 28 day window, by which to undertake travel to Brisbane, payment of profoundly expensive medical examinations and provide other data and detail of considered undertaking, time and expense, I sought my own urgent alternative to find clarification and some kind of certainty.  I called the federal ombudsman and expressed my profound anxiety, concern and dilemma.  The Ombudsman’s office were very accomodating and directed me to the “Global Feedback Unit” an internal component of Home Affairs that dealt with complications or things that were considered compliments, complaints and suggestions.  When I typed the unit into a search engine a link for Home Affairs came up for them but the words GFU don’t appear on the top of the page or in the search bar; just ‘help and support’ and the page itself has a big header “Compliments, complaints and suggestions” – down the page under a paragraph below “Overview”  is the sentence, “The Global Feedback Unit (GFU) is the central point for receiving, tracking and facilitating a response to client feedback.”  Not quite as described but I called and sought “further clarification”.

I spoke to “Aaron” from this unit of Home Affairs, on Wednesday 16 October 2019, for approximately 1.5 hours. There are apparently now copiously detailed notes in our ongoing but as yet unresolved matter that now required much urgency on our end even as there had been a 613 day lead-up by Home Affairs where we knew nothing. Aaron concluded that it appeared Maya had no data request – not a shocker after 26 days of that fact being known – but that under his reading it meant that nothing meant nothing and thus she did not have to affect compliance with data that did not exist – in other words, she held some exemption her co-applicant’s did not posses – which terrified me because that’s not reasonable under anything but the most strict constructionist kind of interpretation and because it meant what we’d fear may now be dumped on us – the production of remit for only two of the three on the application and a certain future fouling of details when someone at Home Affairs “figured it out”.  When the “facts in evidence” find no logical comportment for our daughter one seeks someone in power – like a judge or in this case, in our issue – a departmental person of authority – to attend comment, clarification, or instruction.  No such authority appeared in the entirety of my 28 days of agony but my submissions were duly noted and entered into the record – as my anxiety only continued.

Aaron’s comments concerned me deeply where my express concern over the preceding weeks was precisely this kind of expectation being put back upon us, with no time to service the “requests”.  The anomaly around Maya had been neither clarified or corrected and we were clearly not fulfilling medicals for 2 of 3 applicants against an anomaly or otherwise apparent oversight that was going to come back and bite us.  For if Maya is excused then the other two should hold to be excused, Maya possessing the same position as applicant to the same visa as the other two applicants (her brother and mother).  I also expressed grave concern that even where we set aside the obvious vagary of such demand we now had no time left to fulfil it.  I was advised by “Aaron” to submit a statutory declaration (of my own hand, not sworn by a JP as sufficient) detailing this; And submitting a Form 1005, an 11 page document, inclusive 3 pages of instructions.  This way we’d covered all exigent circumstances – except the increasing threats all this brought to bear upon my sanity.

I now had less than 48 hours.

I was dudded.  I was aghast, stunned, and distressed – even as I was caring for our disabled son who was not well that day.  I was, in short, at the point end of the sword’s most northerly point bit.  I cannot surrender to the system and so I quietly draft my declaration, execute the 11 page application for yet another bridging visa that my wife and children not be found in breach of immigration compliance in 48 hours and still have no clarification on the obvious anomaly of no requests for our daughter. The irony, is that technically, my daughter won’t even be in breach come Friday, because no request has been made of her.

Welcome to our hell.  The thing I most feared – the shifting of the goal posts, even as we warned they could be shifted.

On Thursday, 17 October 2019 I called home affairs to confirm some details regarding the 11 page bridging visa I was drafting as well as well as some issues related to the statutory declaration we were drafting.  Home Affairs will permit their agents to divulge their first name and, where pressed, a position number; I spoke to “Sam” or Samantha and she acknowledged the considerable undertaking I’d affected to bring the “anomaly” regarding our daughter to the attention of the department.  This was not a short conversation; most of my calls to Home Affairs run at least an hour – most run more – this one was about an hour.  It is a lot of recitation, recollection and commentary – all of it requiring a high degree of factually accurate detail and data.  I am transparent as a pane of glass and know that each call is recorded, logged and stored – a benefit potentially but access is unilateral.  In short, our position’s probity and veracity is a matter of record, and comparison for all of time.  So be it – we are without deception, duplicity or derivation.

Sam informed me that my three lengthy contacts by phone, detailed email, and our current conversation served as sufficient and attendant undertaking on our part; where the matter had been repeatedly flagged on my past calls and given supervisory approval for “escalation” we were best to “hold fast” – in short we did not need to submit a new Form 1005; An application for a bridging visa to replace a ceased bridging visa, to change bridging visa conditions or to provide lawful status during judicial review.  Sam registered my misery and my diligence and actually expressed some degree of humanity when she said she understood how we must be feeling but then corrected herself and said she couldn’t possibly know what that kind of constant uncertainty must be like to live with day in and day out.  She was right and I appreciated a fleeting exchange from a human being acting – well – humanely.

I hung up the phone and felt gutted but only slightly less riddled with anxiety and depression.  I took a breath and thought, well at least I can take a break now.  I literally sat there and stared at the sky outside and let my mind try to rest.  Then I realised how powerful Home Affairs is and how determined this Government has been to leave us in segregation.  Instead of just stealing some rest after another somber dinner my wife and I drafted the statutory declaration and the Form 1005 with the caveat within the declaration that, “Where no such action is necessary or procedurally relevant, so be it, and this request may be set aside without objection; but let it be known that all reasonable action was taken to address what is a clear anomaly with respect to absented additional instructions (AKA ‘Request for more information for a New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) (subclass 461) visa application, received from Home Affairs at 20 September 2019, as regards Maya Grace Anderson.”

Then my wife collapsed into sleep and I set about getting our son to bed who has profound trouble sleeping.  What does not come to Dylan does not come to me.  The next day the statutory declaration and the latest iteration of a bridging visa application were marked urgent and dispatched electronically to Home Affairs.  The auto-notification assured me that at least the missive had been received but otherwise – nothing.

A lot of nothing which is one of the reasons I can never rest and why I can’t trust even the humane assurances of agent of Home Affairs with only one name, no matter how much we need to trust someone. We can’t risk being compromised – our children are already far too vulnerable.  We don’t know what will happen next.  Part of me is so broken I don’t care – the other part is disgusted and quite determined not to let inequity prevail one day longer than it already has, but I fear we shall know much more inequity.

If I have learned nothing else it is a stunning affirmation of just how easily we often dismiss each other as human beings, sometimes even by design.

Employees at government departments can only act with authority to provide information; every employee I’ve spoken at Home Affairs is bound by this restriction and has no greater authority; they can lose their job if they attend commentary, provide any language, however incidental, that can be construed as legal advice; they are, in short, gate keepers holding the fort for people who are tasked with interpreting the profoundly bloated Migration Act 1958 that has been attached with so many policy machinations over the proceeding 61 years of its existence as to be more the stuff of madness more than civil accord.  I was never conveyed to a person who could resolve my quandaries and questions, anymore than I was even permitted access to a “supervisor”.  One is told only to seek “migration advice” or “legal advice” but what happens when you have “played by the rules” or “played the game” depending on your perspective, cynicism or honesty?  What happens when the overtasked, emotionally disengaged professional’s you hire don’t bring the “with every fibre of my being” tenacity that is so inspiring in the movies – but rather little more than an awareness of the next billable hour? And what when your already above the detail they are? What happens when the legislation is so bloated and arguably convoluted as to be unknowable and unnavigable – often even by many of they who are professionally tasked and otherwise ‘ethically bound’  with its navigation?  I have read many “ethical codes” in my descend down the Australian immigration rabbit hole but I’ve found little – or no – moral imperative.

Our lives were forever changed by Dylan’s disability but what we’d never anticipated was the tacit and in many ways quite clearly punitive outcomes Government has attended to us because of our son’s disability, within the only home we know and have and within a nation we always new was not equal but once believed was fair.

My family are broken.  Our little boy has a disability that’s kidnapped the child who would have otherwise seen us found “acceptable” by government and our heart breaks as our hearts fill in his care – we will love Dylan forever and sacrifice all four him and he deserves that and more; our daughter is now 8 and understands that we suffer against policy that see’s the glow in her parent’s eyes more dull and distressed and her own manner is now quite different; my wife and I don’t rest so much as collapse for hours of sleep between.

I am sick of people like our federal member, Andrew Wallace or anyone else in his party room who collectively form only 90 Liberal federal seats across the 227 seats that comprise the two houses of Parliament (yes, the Liberal party make up only 39% of the total of all seats in parliament) who have dismissed our desperate pleas for years and done nothing to aid us and most assuredly taken no stand of conscience on our behalf.  Incidentally, if you want to be precise the figure on the federal Liberal Party’s participation across both houses of parliament  is 39.64% and I have learned to be very precise with this Government and its party room, even as they are often quite fast and loose in reply.   The Labor party holds 95 of the 227 seats.  Parliamentary democracy can be produce some curious federal offspring before jurisdictional boundaries, actual numerical votes and coalition deals.  “A win is a win” should be a sober sensibility by which to wisely lead not a mantra by which to inflict edicts more fitting of a tyranny of majority – especially where such ‘majority’ is pencil thin and mathematically mercurial.  I am a bit grouchy sometimes as I watch this Liberal party party maintain a policy quietly comported into law by John Howard in 2001 with little public understanding of the people who would come to have no other home but Australia but be made form a caste-system that legally excludes them – a national disgrace.

I am very sick of being told their is nothing that can be done by people who affect tacit agreement to let inequity prevail under policy that they proclaim is law as if such diminished policy has all the integrity of the constitution.  The White Australia policy was once law too as were the Nuremberg Laws in another nation’s parliament – sometimes hiding behind odious and fouled but perfectly legal parliamentary authority is hollow authority indeed.

It’s not ok.  Its not good enough.  It’s not even remotely close to anything resembling good enough and it leaves us and many more in misery without the remotest hope of real change.  There is no fair go for those who have a go.  The outcome is profoundly un-Australia.  Now, if I can get enough Australians to know its even happening.

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    I’ts disgraceful and I am at a loss as to what I personally could possibly do to help your situation. I have learnt a lot from your blogs,things I never had any reason to know. Until I met you two and a half years ago,I had nothing to do with immigration policies or otherwise. Know that the two bus people you see every weekday wish every day that we could right the wrong that is being suffered by your family.


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