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1 January 2020


The Honourable Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Happy New Year Prime Minister,

My family survived 2019.  We are grateful we survived. Many did not make it through the past year – property and life were lost – we at least continue to maintain breath and shelter.

But as a nation, wouldn’t you agree, that Australia should be better than such measure; at the bottom of the well of possibilities, particularly where a family, like ours, lead exemplary lives that should not only have seen aspirational growth but a minimum sense of mental health, which your Government continues to make worse for us, with immigration policies that segregate, exclude and exploit us in ways last witnessed under the years of the White Australia policy.

Not a happy new year for many and not a happy new year for this house: Our efforts, spirits, shared strength and determination to persevere, notwithstanding.

Government should encourage genuine growth, not act as fuel to increase the fires that ravage those lives.

I would like you, with respect, to understand and accept one thing without reservation, obfuscation, pause, or denial: You are allowing the slow death of my family.  This is sober and sincere and absent a hint of hyperbole. We have no other home but Australia, our greater family are overwhelmingly present upon this continent (and have been for centuries).

Our own house of four souls drive the economy of this nation with 100% of our income but are marginalised in ways not even experienced by casual tourists (from RHCA nations), they at least having benefit of Medicare whilst they “explore” the possibility of a punt at permanent residency and they at a minimum having a genuine home to return to where such effort fails. All the while such punters help drive the economy – the real point of Australia’s immigration policy in the 21st Century but made grossly unfair and unequal and increasingly absent merit consideration since John Howard.

We have no other home but Australia, my wife and I not even sharing a single citizenship or experience as a family but the one we have known upon this continent when our babies settled with us upon it.  Where we are ultimately torn from this nation we would abandon aged Australian parents who have formed support and care of our children from longer than those children’s very shared and quite real memories.  This is, dare I say it, decidedly unAustralian.

The “Lucky Country” once affords great opportunity to anyone who came to have a go … and got a go: Fair way for fair play.  Under Harold Holt’s 1966 legislation, real effort to remove lingering vestiges of discrimination and prejudice were being removed from the Australian body politic.  Under the Holt Government’s changes to law, if one made their genuine home in Australia for five years they were allowed application for citizenship (previously if they were non-european, a statutory euphemism for non-white, it was 15 years).  Holt found such division to inclusion odious and balanced the scales to five years for all – today following John Howard’s weaponising of the immigration program, as an industry for treasure, no amount of time, honour, sacrifice, work and belonging is sufficient for some, like us, to ever belong – as state of play made more surreal where we have no other home and are descendent by centuries from this continent not even known as Australia when our ancestors first settled here.  The nation’s human rights are retreating with a speed measured only by its similar economic decline and one can only wonder if the fall can be arrested by the lights of a more fair field of play?

By contrast to Howard and those who’ve come after him, Holt was a Liberal leader who understood small-l liberal values and one can only imagine his contribution to the nation had he not vanished without a trace one day off the coast of Cheviot Beach, Victoria.  Menzies is often given much credit for reflecting the better lights of the liberal torch but it was Holt who often defiantly defended the brighter lights that are equity of equality, as immigration minister, in the Menzies cabinet.

Today a family, like ours, whose children, Maya and Dylan, came to Australia at ages 1&2, respectively, will see 100% of their parents incomes drive the economy of a nation that will not only refuse to grant them inclusion – because Dylan was diagnosed after settlement in Australia with a disability (severe autism)  but will deport my wife and children when I die or, in Maya’s case, around about the age of 21, after her usefulness for inflated fees as a “foreign student” are extracted from us.

The law is often not as binary as you, Mr. Morrison so frequently imply and sophistry of law is bested only by real complexity of clauses and exclusions that reflect the letter of a broader concept but destroy the spirit of anything the general public would actually recognise as the law.  When I hear, “No one is above the law” I recognised such sentiment must also be measured not merely for prima facie intent but for moral probity.





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  1. Julie Woods | | Reply

    I am with you 100%!
    I think the rules or laws that blatantly discriminate against a person applying for a permanent Residency visa if he or she has a Disability is appalling!
    If an Australian citizen or permanent resident is discriminated against due to a Disability there are laws to say this is illegal! (And also unethical & inhumane).
    Yet in Immigration Law discrimination of this on these grounds is allowed in a so called liberal democracy as Australia is suppose to be.
    This needs to be changed!


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