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April 25 1915: Anzac Cove

April 25 2010: Birth of Dylan Anderson

This September shall mark 77 years since my WW II digger grandad’s war ended in Tokyo Bay, but peace never came to his descendants. We’ve family who’ve served both Taman nations with honour, in wars and conflict predating Anzac Cove and as recently as Afghanistan under the banner of the ADF but this means nothing to the Morrison Government who lean on an ugly sophistry of legal amendments that badge this house sub-citizens in the a nation we’ve honourably served longer than most parliamentarians who sit in judgement and vote for amendments to laws they give all the care and concern of a take out menu… as they destroy this house for standing by our now disabled son born on Anzac Day.

I’ve watched too long as modern Liberal authored amendments punish us for not abandoning our son when he was diagnosed disabled age three: after he came HOME to Australia.

In the deepest of spiritual ties that bind a house my children’s great grandfather, a World War II digger, SHOULD find the presence of his great grandchildren Down Under a solemn comfort.

But there is nothing comforting nor deep about the shallow vulgarity inflicted upon his great grandchildren by the Morrison led Coalition LNP Government of the Day in Australia, in the year 2021, who invoke country and God as a weapon whilst they craft law that dismantles any sense of hope with an obscenity that echoes NSDAP Nuremberg Laws that redefined what it is to be HOME in ones HOMELAND but be branded forever sub-citizens.

The digger’s great grandson has a name: it is Dylan. The young boy has known no other home but Australia since he aged 2 (his sister Maya since she was only a 1 year old baby). The family of this digger were offshore at the time of the children’s births and had been processing papers in compliance with byzantine policy.

Under the defining legislation of the 2007 Australian Citizenship Act where the children had been born on Australian soil our nightmare would be over now but the children were not born onshore and so the age of 10 becomes one more whip upon our backsides as we find no protection from a statutory amendment that allows full citizenship to children (and their immediate families) when born onshore. We did the right thing and filed offshore despite having family and means to tourist in for the birth of both children. That our first born son, Dylan, now disabled, was born in Anzac Day 2010 a saccharine pill we must now swallow every day.


A respectful Anzac Day to all, even as this Anzac house is left profoundly disrespected by the Morrison LNP Government. 

The very word liberal has rarely found integrity since Menzies first appropriated it in 1944 for marketing purposes, not integrity, in the namesake of the Liberal Party of Australia.

There have been glimmers of hope but they’ve long been dimmed. In 1966 Liberal Prime Minister Harold Holt sought to do away with the lingering vulgarity of the White Australia policy that saw the statutorily enshrined term “European” (code for white) allowed application for Australian citizenship in Australia after 5 years whilst “Non-European” (legislative code for brown, black or mixed race) had to wait 15 years before applying for Australian citizenship. 

This ugly truth has been forgotten or never learned by many (even some who should care but benefit from institutionalised discrimination).   

The rise of John Howard to the prime ministership in 1996 was the end of three decades of reform towards a more perfect union upon this land Down Under. Howard’s rise marked the fall of the fair go and remains an ugly scar defining the point where hollow Liberal Party rhetoric escalated in sequence with the party’s dismantling of anything remotely liberal as the immigration, education and work spaces were weaponised to exploit foreigners whose place in country would wear brands of sub-citizens, despite many being what are genuine true migrants in Australia forever badged ‘visitors’ under an ugly sophistry of Liberal legislation that wreaks of the old sophistry of the White Australia policy.  The granting of permanent residency cum citizenship for a few would fuel the sophistry of deceptive messaging around “multiculturalism” and “inclusion” ever since, for the few, not the manny worthy.

To be continued…


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